iX3M [Pro] Deep

Dive ModesAir - Nitrox - Trimix (normoxic) - Gauge - Freediving
Wireless Air Integration (Transmitter)Compatible with Ratio Color Coded Wireless Transmitter
Multi TransmittersYes, up to 3 wireless transmitters
Side Mount Multi Transmitters mode:Yes
Mix3 Mix (O2: 18% - 99% / He: 0% - 50%)
Deco model (Algorithm)Buhlmann ZHL-16 B + VPM-B
Algorithm adjustment12 User Settable protection Levels (6 levels for Buhlmann and 6 levels for VPM-B)
Repetitive Dives managementYes
4 mechanical buttonsYes
Intuitive interfaceYes
Gas switch and Gas break during the diveYes
PO21.0 - 1.6
CNS CalculationYes
Altitude adjustmentAutomatic
Water typeSalt / Fresh
Deep StopYes (Standard method + Pyle method)
Safety Stop AdjustmentYes, Time and depth
Last deco stop depth manual adjustmentYes
Manual adjustment of Deco StopsNo
AlertsVibration + acoustic + visual
Dive PlannerNo Deco Limit + Full Deco Planner
CompassYes, 3D Compass, 1° resolution, +/- 1° accuracy
Oxygen AnalyserYes (Oxygen Analyser sold separately)
Satellite (Global positioning)No
Outdoor functionsAltimeter, Barometer, temperature, Weather forecast
Other Functions (Apps)Gas Blender, Magnetometer ,Stopwatch, Moon calendar
DisplayColor, IPS, 2.8-Inch, 320x240 pixel, 144 dpi, 100% matrix
Display view angleover 150° (IPS Technology)
Top GlassMackrolon
StrapsRedundant Stretch-Belts with fas release or Bungees (included)
BatteryUSB Rechargeable Li-ion (~20 hr of diving)
Weight11 oz / 300 gr
Logbook~160 hr scuba (sampling 10 sec)
Max Depth984 feet / 300 metres
PC/Mac interfaceYes, USB cable included
UpdatesYes, user updateble for free
  • iX3M - Dive Computer

  • Cavo USB

  • Oring di riserva per cavo USB

  • Kit Bungee

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